Women Entrepreneurship Platform collaboration

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput  and NITI Aayog have decided to collaborate towards promoting the Women Entrepreneurship Platform launched by the NITI Aayog.

About Enterprenurship Platform

The initiative is aimed at building an ecosystem for women across India to realize their entrepreneurial aspirations, scale-up innovative initiatives and chalk-out sustainable, long-term strategies for their businesses. This will be done through an enabling network of industry collaborations, partnerships, mentors and peer-to-peer connect.

As an enabling platform, WEP is built on three pillars- Iccha Shakti, Gyaan Shakti & Karma Shakti where:

  • Iccha Shakti represents motivating aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business.
  • Gyaan Shakti represents providing knowledge and ecosystem support to women entrepreneurs to help them foster entrepreneurship.
  • Karma Shakti represents providing hands-on support to entrepreneurs in setting-up and scaling up businesses.
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